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As a digital marketing I'm always trying to cut costs. Domain names, website hosting, call tracking numbers, crucial softwares, CRM's, business automation tools, Wordpress plugins - the list goes on and on.

But there is ONE cost that kept eating away at my wallet - ClickFunnels. I was being charged $100/mo or $1,200/year for having landing pages put together by their software. And as a Wordpress developer it really got to me.

Landing page builders definitely help streamline the process of building simple one-page landers to run ads to without having to install Wordpress on a server and all that jazz. But with more and more competitors coming out against ClickFunnels I think I finally found a great contender.

Introducing The Fast Page Builder That Converts at Lightning Speed

The main problem with so many landing pages is that they're terribly slow. And you know what a slow landing page does? That's right - it kills conversions. People don't have time to waste on your slow fancy pants landing page!

So the main thing I was looking for the best ClickFunnels alternative was page load speed, simplicity and powerful integrations.

What integrates with FastPages?

Dozens of integrations are available to connect to in just a few simple clicks. You can integrate with services such as MailChimp, ActiveCampaign and Zapier. Zapier makes a whole world of hundreds of apps possible with FastPages.

Lightning-fast online editor

Using ClickFunnels felt like a slog. I didn't look forward to logging into my account anymore because it felt slow and bloated. FastPages has a simple to use interface that is super, well, fast.

The editor is very easy to use and you can create pages amazingly fast. Simply add sections and elements and you’re good to go. It's also supported in all major browsers.

Ready? Publish Your Landing Page in a Single Click

You can publish your campaigns with just a simple click, you'll get a URL that shows your campaigns. And if you'd like, you're able to connect your own domains using DNS.

Connect your own domains + FREE SSL!

FastPages is up to 10 times faster the ClickFunnels

It's a fact, people expect fast web experiences. Don't let slow page loads take away your potential customers.

By optimizing our architecture on more than 90+ points and feedback from Google Pagespeed Insights, we guarantee you the fastest landing pages on the market. We're proud on an average page load of just 1/4th-second!

Are you ready for something faster AND Cheaper?

The best part about all of this is the cost savings.

FastPages is running a special lifetime deal as of this writing for only $199 for LIFETIME ACCESS.

You get to build unlimited pages (compare that to ClickFunnels limited pages), connect 15 domains (use subdomains for best use) and 100000 pageviews.

I Welcome this ClickFunnels Alternative with open arms

Give FastPages a test drive and let me know what you think!

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