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How to profit the FASTEST with Rank and Rent

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Jordan Stambaugh

I’ve been in the rank and rent space for awhile now (since 2015) and my peers and I have all gone about it the same way.

Here’s a basic overview of the entire rank and rent system in case you’re new to the space:

1. Research and identify ‘easy to rank’ keywords
2. Create a website around that niche and city
3. Complete the SEO (Backlinks, content, etc.) to rank
4. Wait 3-12 months for the website to gain traction and rank in the SERPS
5. Find a client with the leads coming in

Now this is exactly how I’ve built my business over the last few years. But believe it or not - this is totally outdated now.

Yes there are still people doing this and yes it still works!

But there’s a better, even *faster* way to profits.

Of course all good things are not perfect and it has it’s pros and cons. Let me explain the new way and then jump into those pros and cons for you.

The New rank and rent strategy

Let’s get super clear on the way we make money with rank and rent.

We produce leads for local business owners.

So the thing of value is the lead, and it’s actually paramount to getting clients with rank and rent too. That’s because we do what’s called “leads in advance” or in other words we provide a few leads *for free *to local business owners in the beginning to build trust.

This is all important because the only difference between the “old” way of rank and rent (which is still viable and I do it to this day) and the “new” way is how we generate those first leads.

Traditional way we wait for our sites to rank to get the leads in advance.

New way we use a faster lead generating system.

Pre-Selling Rank and Rent Assets

It’s called “pre selling” lead generating websites because instead of ranking the website over the course of many months, we’re pre-selling it to a local business owner to cash flow it first, and then we move on to the SEO stage.

More like Rent, THEN Rank, amiright?

How do we do that?

Google Ads.

It might be obvious to some, but Google Ads are our ticket to producing those first few “leads in advance” to make the sale, capture revenue from the client, keep them happy with the leads from Google Ads and build out the organic website on the backend.

Sounds perfect, right? Well, there are a few caveats to be aware of which I’ll go through now.

The Pros and Cons of Pre-selling Rent and Rank Websites

Ok so you want to start from scratch and get a client to pay you $1,000/month for generating leads for their business. You decide to go with the pre-sold route so you can start cash flowing as soon as possible.

You’ve found a good niche in a decent sized city and you’re ready to start the Google Ad campaign.

Now to get any amount of leads you’ll likely have to spend a minimum of $20/day or $600/month in ad spend. This is assuming a low cost per click as well.

That’s the first risk with pre-selling lead gen websites.

Because instead of taking that $600 and investing it directly into the website in terms of great content, design, or backlinks, you’re sinking all of it into generating the leads with ads.

This puts a larger pressure on you being able to find a client within the first few weeks.

The sales process of rank and rent can be a bit tricky, but I actually outline exactly what to say in scripts in my [rank and rent course](https://leadgencoaching.io) I’ve compiled over the years after trying TONS of different strategies.

So after you start generating the leads from the Google Ads, you need to find a client willing to do a trial run ASAP.

Then you’ll have to close them into a paying client - otherwise all that ad spend was wasted on a few tire kickers.

Not to mention managing the ads to make sure you’re actually generating leads and at a decent ad spend.

What about the pros of this new rank and rent pre-selling strategy?

Well as you already know, this is the FASTEST way to make money in rank and rent. I mean rent and rank. Whatever.

You can be profitable within a couple of weeks and scale this business model like crazy. It’s like the best business model in the world just got better. Wild.

And I have to be honest, many of my students when they learned about the pre-selling strategy with Google Ads really wanted to see that content. People these days want to make money, fast. So I recorded and entire module dedicated to the strategy so they have options and can choose what’s best for them.

But let me be clear - it’s not a magic bullet. In fact, I would recommend going the traditional route of first ranking a website and then finding a client.


Because you will learn the ins-and-outs of the rank and rent system. How it all works.

Plus you don’t have to experience the higher pressure sales situation and let’s  be honest - unless you know how to sell or have my scripts - it will be a challenge.

But money doesn’t come quickly in rank and rent. SEO takes time, you have to nurture it. It’s definitely no ‘get rich quick’ scheme.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”
-Chinese Proverb


For me, I’m sticking mostly with the traditional route of reinvesting profits into more organic assets. I’m not in a huge hurry to scale to the moon like some people and my personality just isn’t fit for higher pressure sales.

I hope this shed some light on the new way to go about rank and rent. Whether you decide to use it or not is totally up to you.

If you want some help building out lead generation assets check out my [student SEO outsourcing store](https://store.leadgencoaching.io) where you can purchase everything you need to build a rank and rent empire.

Also check out my course if you want 1 on 1 coaching on building your rank and rent business.

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