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Is the Wisdms Cold Email Course Worth It? An Honest Review

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Jordan Stambaugh

I decided to give cold email another try and the Wisdms course by Mykyta Samusiev with their money back, action based guarantee seemed too good to be true.

Well, it turns out it was.

Even months beyond the initial guarantee period (spoiler alert, Mykyta will refuse any refunds whatsoever) we still have not produced any results for our agency with his cold email strategy.

You see, Wisdms has you buy 50 domains, setup the hosting, and start sending emails to book calls all within a 2 week time period to be eligible for a money back guarantee on the effectiveness of the course.

Their hook offer clearly states: 

Wisdms performance guarantee

To this day, we still have not booked a call using his email scripts or strategy.

And the whole AI thing is kind of a joke - it's just to personalize the emails a bit.

When we joined, he had Wisdms 1.0 which was a thrown together mess, and the platform he suggested actually limited your purchase to 5 domains per day so thats 10 days used on just purchasing domains for the setup.

2 weeks later he launches Wisdms 2.0 which was much better than his version 1 and was much more streamlined. It was only the tools suggested in 2.0 that we were able to launch in week 3 and start sending emails.

The rest of our experience was tons of back and forth calls with Mykyta troubleshooting the messaging (which he guarantees produces booked calls) and when we didn't get any booked calls he said we have to do trial and error.

Wait, what?

We spent $6,700 for this guy to tell us a few tools to use (IONOS, and, btw) and then when his proven, guaranteed results messaging doesn't work, we have to do trial and error?

And he wouldn't hear any of it.

He puts all the blame on us of why it's not working, despite him being the coach that should be held accountable for his own content and information.

I would stay as far away from this cold email course as you can.

Really wish I spent that $6,700 on Facebook Ads to actually bring me booked calls! 

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