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Tuesday 23 April, 2019
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The Problem Defined

The Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi currently lacks an online presence. As a moving force  on the recognition as a sovereign and independent state - the Atooi Nation's need for a website is imperative. Having a solid website is a pressing priority, as the website will be a central location to share accurate information and curated content to educate, fundraise and communicate clear calls to action to its audience and the world.

The Atooi Nation has need for a website that is fast, mobile friendly, and is easy to use and update. This website will help legitimize the image of the Atooi Nation online.

Key Features & Deliverables

  • A responsive, Wordpress website design
  • High quality content creation
  • Call tracking phone number
  • Online Live Chat
  • Education portal & blog
  • Email / Text based reminders
  • Photography (both custom & stock)
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Our Solution

Agency Experience

Here at Stambaugh Designs, we have extensive experience building websites and brands from the ground up into the fold of the latest web design standards and technology. All of our websites have come mobile-friendly standard since we started our agency 10 years ago. We are Wordpress experts, SEO gurus, and Lead Generation hackers. We are always updating our technology and approach to each digital marketing project, and we would love you to be our next happy client!

We are also thrilled, honored, and humbled to be considered by the Atooi Nation to provide our web design services that will further your goals as a Nation.

Project Experience

As a website re-design project, we have listed 3 example websites that were also complete re-designs we feel are the level of quality you are looking for.


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Our general process is found on our website:


Project Lead:
Jordan Stambaugh, CEO, Lead Designer
(360) 201-8283

Supporting Staff:
Alex Lunt, Project Management/Content Creation

Supporting Staff:
Eric Lum, Project Management

Professional References

Spencer Trippe, Owner, Off Grid Food Co
(231) 360-1357

Rosalind Vazquez, Project Manager
(425) 691-7421

Joel Bergsma
(360) 220-7522

Websites & Analytics

We provide a full on-page SEO service with each of our websites. This includes Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Keywords, Featured Images, and reporting your sitemap.xml to Google's Search Console. We also directly integrate the industry standard Google Analytics tracking code on your website where you can easily track website track to each of your pages from the Google Analytics Dashboard.

Our Solution includes:

Responsive Design

Mobile Optimized

Interactive Design

Content Creation

Blazing-Fast Hosting

On-going support

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