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Hey 👋🏻 I'm Jordan Stambaugh, joining a rank and rent coaching program and learning how to rank sites in Google, changed my life.

Now I've created my own up-to-date coaching program I'm here to spread the word...

After trying various online business models, I've concluded that rank and rent  is the greatest opportunities of the decade, especially for those looking to slay their 9 to 5 & want something more out of life.

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You probably found me on YouTube talking about Rank and Rent. Well, if you want to learn the business model from A-Z I'm here to teach you. Joining a coaching program was the one thing that led to my success in Rank and Rent.

The Lead Generation Business

This is why it's so sick.
Long Term Residual Income

Better believe it. I have sites from 2015 still paying me today, once you opt-in I'll show you those exact sites.

Time Freedom

Once these sites are ranked, they require very lil' to no maintenance. Which means you make money while you sleep.

High Demand

Srsly, what biz doesn't wanna be #1 on Google? But they don't know how to do it. Once you have this skill you can help so many people and get paid really well for it.


Since this is a completely internet based biz, in our private group we've created systems to help each other out and dominate the market place.

Lead-Gen = Long-term Passive Income

On the next page I reveal my exact process that's been making me money since 2015...

• In-Depth Walkthrough of this Business
• Sneak-peak into some of our Strategies
• More...

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Kill your 9-5 with passive income.

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