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Instant InfoSystems

Instant InfoSystems is a cloud technology consultant that helps fortune 100 companies decide which cloud systems are best.

November 2019
Instant InfoSystems

The Problem

Instant InfoSystems needed a website redesign. Their old website did not match the company for quite a few reasons. Although they used the modern Content Management System (CMS) Wordpress, the site was a mess. It used too many unsupported plugins and the images weren't sized correctly, both of which slow down the site dramatically. Unsupported, old plugins also poise a security threat and for coincidental timing, the old website actually went through a security breach hack a couple weeks before the launch of the new website. The web hosting provider didn't help the load times, either.

The design also needed an update, looking like a design from the early 2000's.

Old IIS website

The Solution

The new website features a bundle of new upgrades. We started from scratch, with a brand new clean installation of Wordpress and only picked afew, choice plugins we knew would be supported into the future.

Content & Design

With the help of their marketing manager, all of the content on the website was rewritten and reorganized to reflect the company properly. The content helped dictate the design of the website, as design elements were used to break up different areas of content for a better user experience.

The website features a totally overhauled design, but stays true to the branding guideline color scheme laid out by the original logo designer, Beckie Kirker.

Web Hosting & Speed

We launched the new website on our own website hosting servers with Litespeed technology to ensure a fast, reliable and secure website. We are also providing ongoing support, maintenance and plugin updates to IIS.

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