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Mauro Capital Management

Mauro Capital Management needed a logo for their new business. The result is a modern, memorable and clean design that gives nods to Bellingham's mountain scenery.

February 2022
Mauro Capital Management

The Problem

Mauro Capital Management is a new business however they have decades of experience. They needed a brand that looks approachable, communicates their service offerings, and is memorable. They wanted a logo mark that stayed true to the local Bellingham scenery, but didn't want to get lost in the dozens of Bellingham Mt. Baker logos. This logo needed to be unique, strong in its appearance and without looking like everyone else.

Our Solution

Our solution came about through exploring various concepts. We start the logo design process with quick thumbnail sketches to get raw ideas down on paper.

Thumbnail sketches

From there we refine the ideas in clean vector artwork and start to bring together the compositions of some potential prototype marks. We wanted to be cognizant of the client's idea around a pine tree, growth, and working with their clients over time. This is why we explored this concept in a few different ways.

Vector artwork logo design


Another very important component of a good logo is the choice of typeface. We have many typefaces to choose from in our library but we typically like to purchase a new premium typeface for each logo we design so that it is unique to the company and brand. We explore sans serif as well as serif typefaces when looking for a suitable look for the brand: 

Typeface considerations

Combining Typeface & Logo Mark

Then we put everything together to see how the favorite typeface interacts with the logo mark.

Putting the typeface and logo mark together

The Final Logo

The client really liked the blue mountain and the tree, but ultimately landed on an earlier concept with an important update. Through the creative process and designing this mountain "M" which also looks like a stock chart, we realized we needed to flip the entire logo over horizontally - this makes the stock chart move in the up direction, instead of down which you can see in the original ideation phase.

The final logo

We have a strong, modern logo combined with a more traditional sans serif typeface to tie in their three decades of experience managing their client's capital.

Signage for Mauro Capital Management in Fairhaven.

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