PPC 6-Month Roadmap

We’ve developed our 6-month roadmap to help you set expectations with your client regarding what happens after we’ve gone live.  There is a lot of activity and communication during the onboard phase and after going live it can almost feel like everything’s gone dark. There is a very good reason for that and we’ve outlined what our account management looks like, and what you can expect after we’ve gone live, below.

You’re live!

Want to know the best thing about a Smart Niche campaign?  We’ve already run several of these

campaigns and we know how to build winners.  So from day one, you are ahead of the pack.  We’ll

let you know when you are live, and then it will go a little quiet for us until ...

Two Week Update - Initial Insights

Wait you’re not going to give me an update for two weeks?  Yes, but we have a very good reason.

We want to keep you in the know, we really do.  But there’s nothing to know yet.  It is important that

we have ENOUGH data where we can confidently tell you how it is going.  Trying to give an analysis

on anything prior to two weeks of data will be at the very best, a guess.  We only make comments

and decisions based on statistically relevant data.  If we rush the process and optimize or comment

too quickly, it will cause problems.  We don’t add every single keyword searched because quantity

does not beat the quality of keywords, and we use the right match type to catch them all, regardless

if we are bidding on that exact keyword. More keywords do not mean more spend or search volume.

We are reviewing the account daily, making sure we are getting traffic at a reasonable cost and that

the traffic is relevant.  This is the highest touch frequency for an account and that is what we are

focused on so that we can ensure we are on track.

Month 1 - Data Gathering

Although we start steps ahead of other agencies with our Smart Niche campaign setup, every

business is different with different offers and locations having different nuances.  We’ll be learning

all the ins and outs for this specific client throughout the month.  During this month you can expect

that we’ll be testing and identifying bid strategies that will work best for you.  Our goal during

this month is to get our ads in the top of page position for the lowest CPC possible.  Our team is

alerted daily if the account is not meeting baseline KPI metrics to ensure a speedy turnaround to

make adjustments.

Month 2 - Search Relevancy & Keyword Review

This month we focus on what your audience has been searching for and how it relates to the service

you provide.  This process helps us identify new keyword trends and ad ideas based on the

searcher's intent.  Are they most often looking for a quote?  Are they looking for cheap help?  We’ll

get these answers and add new keywords specific to your market that were not part of our

original Smart Niche campaign.  We will also be identifying the searches that don’t align with our

goals and make sure we never show up for them or similar searches again.  We do already start with

a very detailed negative keyword list, however, every day there are 1000’s of new search queries on Google that have never occurred before, making it impossible for us to get everything at the gate.

We will likely have added a few negatives through the course of month one, but this is a more

in-depth dive into trends. Rest assured, we will be reviewing these queries weekly and actioning

both the good and bad queries to keep our traffic as relevant as today’s news headlines.

Month 3 - Ad & Landing Page Testing

We start out ad testing and we don’t stop.  In month three we’ll be reviewing the results of our initial

testing and taking what we’ve learned and applying it to new ads for round two of testing.  In

addition, we take our new knowledge and apply it to our next landing page variant.  Our goal with ad

testing is to incrementally improve our interaction rate by being more closely aligned with the

searchers intent and reactions to the value propositions and offers in round one. The goal with

landing page testing is to incrementally improve conversion rate by taking the same intent and

reactions and applying them to the landing page.  The most impactful of the tests, which is where we

start, is adjusting the headline, call to action or hero image/videos.  Landing page testing occurs


Month 4 - Device and Network Review

Devices perform differently.  Searchers on a desktop have slightly different intent and are at

different points of consideration.  In this review, we’ll be identifying opportunities to optimize the

performance on the three most common devices: computers, mobile devices and tablets.  These

devices perform differently in different regions and with respect to the type of call to action used.

We utilize bid modifiers and segmenting strategies to ensure we are getting the most out of all

devices.  We now have the data required to make confident decisions on optimizing device traffic

and put our best device forward.

A search campaign is comprised of two networks, Google.com and Search Partners.  Straight from

Google’s mouth “Search Partners extend the reach of Google Search ads to hundreds of non-Google

websites, as well as YouTube and other Google sites.”  Sometimes Search Partners perform similar

to search, sometimes they perform worse (they almost never perform better).  The choice we have is

to either keep opted in to partners or opt out.  Data will tell us what to do!

Month 5 - Audience Insight

How well do you know your audience?  After reviewing our audience insight data we’ll know them

really​ well.  We’ll learn (or confirm) some of the basics like age and gender, but it will also get more

interesting.  We’ll get insights into what other in-market and affinity audiences your searchers fall

into.  Based on this data, we’ll make optimizations and suggestions to capitalize on these audiences.

Month 6 - Competitive Landscape & 6 Month Review

We’re going to be taking a look at advertisers’ ads showing up with us in search results for our most

frequently searched keywords. We did this when we launched, but something has likely changed!

Does someone have a better offer?  Is there someone new?  We’ll get to the bottom of what the

competitive landscape looks like and if we need to make any change to our strategy or offer as a

result.  Rounding out month 6 will be a comprehensive review of our 6-month journey and how

we’ve progressed along the way.  From this review, our next 6-month roadmap will be constructed.

Any Time Optimizations

Not all optimizations are done on a schedule or have an entire month dedicated to them.  The items

below are checked regularly and adjusted when the time makes sense.

● Budget pacing and optimizations - we adjust daily campaign budgets to ensure we pace our

budget as close to the calendar month as possible.

● Bid adjustments and strategy updates - we utilize Google’s bid strategies to ensure we are

getting the most clicks and leads as we can for our budget.

● Increase/Decrease ad scheduling - we may opt to extend or decrease the number of hours

we are showing your ad depending on budget limitations.  If you’re limited by budget, we’ll

reduce hours.  If you’re struggling to spend budget, we’ll extend hours.

● Increase/Decrease location targeting - we may opt to extend or decrease the geotargeting

we are showing your ad depending on budget limitations. If you’re limited by budget, we’ll

reduce your targeting.  If you’re struggling to spend budget, we’ll reasonably expand it and

let you know.

● Keyword average CPC review - keyword CPCs vary, we monitor CPCs that are higher than

average and optimize them to be more affordable, or pause them if they are too expensive.

● Pause poor performing keywords - sometimes keywords spend and don’t drive leads, we

monitor keywords and pause them when they’ve shown no hope in driving leads.

● Negative keyword implementation - although we have a month dedicated to a deep dive, this

is ongoing.

● Display network placement exclusions - to ensure remarketing and display ads are showing

on appropriate websites.

● Ad copy assessments (between testing) - to ensure a test isn’t significantly failing ad

negatively impacting performance prior to scheduled review.

● Ad extension review - identifying messaging that is performing best and apply the

knowledge across the campaign/landing page and test new.

● Location performance adjustments - we may apply a bid modifier to locations performing

well or not performing at all to improve overall account performance.

● Device performance monitoring - although this is scheduled for a thorough review in the first

six months, this requires ongoing monitoring and optimizations to improve performance.

● Keeping up with Google - Google makes changes all the time.  Some of them are changes

that affect performance and some are just changes that impact the way we manage an

account.  We stay up to date and adjust what is needed in the account.  Some of these

changes can be ​huge​ and may impact our timeline for Monthly Roadmap items due to their

complexity and time investment.  If this occurs, we’ll let you know.