Our Process

Step 1: Discovery

Successful projects start with great communication. Lots of agencies like to start out telling you what they’d like to fix. We prefer to listen. This helps us fully understand your needs and desires as we craft a customized plan for your project’s success. We will uncover the Purpose, Goals, Target Audience and Content strategy.


Step 5: Development

So many great ideas never get translated properly. In this phase, we deliver our expertise in a way that is clear and detailed, with technical capabilities that allow us to deliver a wide range of solutions.


Step 3: Strategy

Great businesses all have a sound strategy driving their innovation and sales. We integrate a targeted strategy to identify what differentiates your brand from the rest and leverage those factors towards growth.


Step 2: Planning

Every project and every client has unique goals and priorities. We work closely with you to plan and develop a thorough roadmap that can be a catalyst to drive the creative and development processes.


Step 4: Design

To design is to connect. We help clients communicate their business offerings whether it be through a website design, SEO campaign design, or brand design. Our design disciplines come from a very high level of thought and detail.


Step 6: Refine

Every pixel we craft, every line we code and every letter we typeset is infused with the highest level of detail. Innovative, beautiful designs that are honest, understandable and uncluttered are the cornerstone of every Stambaugh Designs project.


Step 8: Support

Building and enhancing a business' success online requires nurturing in order to evaluate and grow its potential. We continuously evaluate and identify factors that can help guide growth and increase success for the future.


Step 7: Launch

Whether we are launching a website or an SEO campaign, we make sure all designs are ready before launch. We test and review all projects in our queue to secure functionality and quality assurance.