Annual Events in Bellingham, WA

Bellingham offers its locals and visitors a chance to enjoy event after event, and it is proud to host some of Washington’s most eagerly waited for festivals. Below are some of Bellingham’s WA, finest when it comes to matters annual events.

Annual Bellingham Beer Week

Bellingham Beer Week welcomes all to enjoy the biggest and coolest brewery party on the west coast. The event features over 18 cider houses and breweries, showcasing their signature beer releases, interactive events and collaborations. Come and enjoy the best local beer in town while you celebrate the city’s love in a special way.

Bellingham Budfest

This right here is the biggest celebration of the Cannabis culture in Whatcom County. The Budfest is more of a tourist festival with a touch of Whatcom county’s endearing charm. It is a great opportunity to embrace the often misunderstood cannabis culture. There are many companies from an array of niches that are invited to showcase their creative side even with legal cannabis. This is indeed an interesting event that attended will love and appreciate.

The Annual Metacognition and Mindfulness Conference at Bellingham Technical College

For the last 5 years, this event has been hosted in Bellingham without fail. It is a Reading Apprenticeship Conference that brings together leadership programs from the Reading Apprenticeship Leadership Community of Practice. Here, you will get the unique opportunity of learning how technical and community college faculty utilize Readership Apprenticeship across the various campuses in the county. this way, students are nurtured into becoming expert readers in their respective fields.

Dirty Dan Festival

This is more of a historic celebration that seeks to commemorate Dirty Dan Harris, an iconic community founder. This event happens each year at around April. Attendance is free and you can get to enjoy live music, food, kids’ activities, dress-up concerts, games and a wine & beer garden for persons aged 21 and above.

WWU Queer Con.

The organizers behind this event are a few queer individuals who would like for individuals to find themselves in a space in which they can celebrate and embrace their LGBT and queer identities, communities and creativity. WWU’s Queer Con has one main goal; giving individuals the opportunity to highlight their stories in a friendly and welcoming space that does not judge. This way, they will be empowered and be better community members. The organizers see to it that the event is family-friendly and welcoming to anyone looking to join in on the fun.

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