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13 Tools I Use to Manage My $30,000/mo Rank and Rent Business!

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So I made a video a while back outlining how much I make in my passive rank and rent business
and what tools and software I use to manage everything

and I figured it's been long enough to give you guys an updated version of that video
because a few things have changed in terms of software I use
but most importantly - I've doubled my income since then.

I actually make $30,000 per month as of February 2022.

By the way, all the links for these tools are down in the video description - and If you want to support my channel for FREE then please use them when purchasing any of these tools.
You get a deal on the tool and I get a small kickback so it's a win-win!

So without a further ado...let's jump right in.

Oh and by the way - if you don't know what the heck I'm talking about and how all
these tools fit together in the business model that makes me $30k/mo then go to

After you opt-in you'll be taken to a page that outlines the entire system.
If you want to be coached by me personally then you'll have to join my coaching program
so book a time with me on that page to learn how to make a passive income online.

Alright so the first item on my list is NAMECHEAP
Namecheap is the best place to buy domains.
Everyone thinks of GoDaddy but they're trash - namecheap is the best place to get your domains since they're only $9/year.
I think GoDaddy charges a minimum of $12 and when you're buying a lot of domain names - that adds up.

Second item is Cloudways Hosting. Cloudways is a managed VPS web host which means you get the benefit of a VPS (or virtual private server)
Without the headaches of managing it. The Cloudways dashboard is easy to use but has all of the advanced tools you need to manage your websites.
My favorite is the 1-click cloning feature so I can easily clone entire websites and replace the content for new markets.

Next up is Jarvis.ai. They recently rebranded from Conversion.ai which I've talked about in other videos
But Jarvis is a HUGE time saver. Instead of bashing your head against your keyboard trying to think of content for your websites
You can just copy/paste some content into Jarvis and he/she/they will rewrite it for you.
Brilliant. It literally saves hundreds of hours worth of work and it will help you rank
in the search results that much faster.

Hold the door for number four
We have CallRail. (don't worry this is the only one that rhymes). CallRail is where you buy your phone numbers for your sites. Easy to use dashboard
Rebust features, mobile app, what more could you ask for? Well, the numbers are $3/phone number per month
so I guess we could ask for cheaper numbers and I've got that for you next on the list with Lead Snap

Now I started Rank and Rent using CallRail for all my numbers
and Lead Snap is a brand new software actually developed by my friend, fellow lead generation marketer.
And Lead Snap is a BEAST. I'll have to make a video just on Lead Snap because there are so many
amazing features
But the biggest features are being able to make
GMB posts directly from the dashboard
Ability to purchase phone numbers for only $1.5 depending on your plan
GMB heat maps
and lead management automations.

Number 6 is Gravity Forms and an important one because it's how I manage user generated content from my lead gen websites.
In other words, it's how the form data submitted by people gets sent from the server to my clients.
Form in Wordpress can be a pain in the butt and Gravity Forms makes it SO MUCH EASIER.
There are tons of app integrations and you can build simple but powerful user experiences all through gravity forms.
I use Gravity Forms on ALL of my lead gen sites and ALL client sites I build. I will always happily pay the annual fee to keep this tool active!

Coming in at number 7 is Infinity. To keep all of my data safe and secure my favorite tool is Infinity. It came on the scene recently, and before Infinity I used
Airtable for years to organize my website info. I still love airtable so go check them out too.
But I bought a lifetime deal to Infinity so started using it the most and I LOVE everything this app has to offer.
I do project management with my team, and store sensitive data about each of my websites like login info, address, phone numbers etc.
You can create different views for the same data which makes data management a breeze.

Speaking of passwords...it's good to back those up in more than 1 location. Number 8 on the list is my favorite password manager by far - 1Password.
Today, I have 978 passwords stored in my vault.
Everything from website and GMB logins, to client credit cards and software logins.
With the 1Password chrome extension I can easily auto fill passwords into websites by hitting CMD + backslash.
You can even have 1Password come up with the passwords for you - either memorable, or super secure.
A serious life saver - everyone needs a password manager like this.
and at only a few bucks a month it's super affordable.

Everyone has their favorite SEO tool - but I actually have 2. So number 10 on the favorites list and
the first of the SEO tools, is ahrefs. Everyone pronounces this differently - I've heard "ah-refs", "a-h-refs", "ahchoo-refs"
Anyway no matter how you say it everyone agrees this tool is the bees knees when it comes to looking at SEO data.
By far the best feature is just pasting in ANY website URL and seeing the metrics almost immediately.
Ahrefs is also key for my keyword research strategy which I cover in my rank and rent coaching program (link in the description).

My 2nd favorite SEO tool and number 11 on the list is SEO Powersuite by Link Assistant. Now this isn't a cloud based app like ahrefs.
It's a desktop app and you do have to manually update data (although scheduling updates is an option), but my favorite part about these programs
is that everything is unlimited. That's right - unlimited websites, tracked keywords, you name it. Ahrefs, SEMrush and all the other tools put limits on how many keywords and websites you can track.
So for the money, SEO Powersuite is one of the best bangs for your buck out there.
Another killer feature of SEO Powersuite is the fact that it actually tracks your Google Maps rankings as well.
In my course I stress the importance of getting a Google Map up and verified, and this is one of the only tools that allows you to track the organic positions of your website
alongside the Map rankings as well. Ahrefs doesn't even do that, tsk tsk.

And to get those rankings you need proper on-page SEO which is achieved with #12, Surfer SEO.
Just copy/paste your website links and Surfer SEO will show you suggested changes to keyword density, headlines, and content.
This is SO important because if you get your on-page SEO right, then getting your site to actually rank will be 1000 times easier.
As they say - there's no point in filling a leaky bucket.
Get your on-page dialed in then start backlinking.

And last at #13 but certainly not least is the Click Funnels KILLER - Dropfunnels.
Dropfunnels is cheaper, more powerful, and intuitive than Clickfunnels ever was and ever will be.
Not only can you create beautiful funnels for your offers but you can actually build an entire SEO optimized agency website as well.
This is because Dropfunnels is actually built on Wordpress, so you get the benefits of Wordpress without needing to learn Wordpress!
Dropfunnels is actually where I built my rank and rent coaching program, complete with the outsourcing store.

So there you have it - these 13 tools are what I use to build, manage, and GROW my rank and rent business.
That's pretty crazy if you think about it. Compared to all the other business models out there where you CAN $30,000 per month and up...
I think this is - you know, a pretty streamlined set of tools to build, manage and grow that business. And very low overhead.
I don't have to deal with inventory, rent/leases, massive power consumption, payroll, employees, insurance, licenses - the list goes on.
And that's why I think rank and rent (for a lot of people) is the best business model in the world.

SO if YOU want to build an online passive income business then hit the link in the description below to check out my rank and rent,
lead generation coaching program. I teach you step-by-step how to build and grow a completely passive income stream through local lead generation.

I teach you how to build websites, do SEO, generate leads for local business owners and rent out that website for $750-$1,000 per month.
Build a few websites and you've already killed your job. Sound good? Sweet haha
hit the link in the description and book a call with me, to join.


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