Our Step-by-Step Process

Whether you need a new Website, SEO, or lead generation this is our simple step-by-step process.

1. Discovery Call

The first step is having a  conversation about your marketing needs. Only by listening first can we recommend our products and services. On this call we will discover where you're at now in your business, where you would like to get to, and our plan on how we're going to make that happen. As an added bonus, after the call we will research you top competitors and make you a personalized Competitor Analysis Video that uncovers the analytics of how your competitors are beating you in the marketplace and how you can start to beat them. Extremely valuable information!! 


2. Proposal

Next comes our fancy-pants proposal. This will lay out all the details of how we're going to dominate for you. Everything from tasks, deliverables, scope of work, pricing, and timeline. This document is very actionable and empowers you to make a smart business decision! 🎉

3. Project Kick-Off

Once you accept & sign the proposal and pay your deposit, we're ready to rock and roll! Next is a kick-off call to make sure we're still on the same page about strategy, deliverables and timeline.

4. Design, Development & Build

Then we get to work building whatever you need - a new website, a Facebook Ads campaign, and SEO campaign, or Google Ads campaign. Our doors are always wide open for questions as we start on your project.

5. Launch!

We always finish our work on time and it's ready to launch your new project. We review our work for functionality and quality assurance!  We make sure all designs are polished, code verified, and SEO fully optimized before we launch.

6. Supporting you

Once we've completed your project we don't leave you alone (hope you don't mind). Building and enhancing your business' success online requires nurturing in order to evaluate and grow its potential. We continuously evaluate and identify factors that can help guide growth and plan for further success for the future.

Ready? Let's have a conversation.