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Lead generation websites are extremely powerful business tools. To some, the term “lead generation” sounds like a bunch of marketing jargon, which it is, but they often look past the value. I have worked with many local businesses to bring them more customers by either optimizing their website, or creating a new lead generation website. For example I helped a local tree service company increase their monthly revenue by 53% last month.

Owning or renting a lead generation website is a big deal for your business. With proper SEO, you’re targeting people who already want your product or service. Because of this, a lead generation website is quite possibly the best money spent on marketing for your business.

Here are 10 quick tips about lead generation websites.

1. Have a clickable phone number

Google announced about 2 years ago that people searching on mobile devices passed up searches performed on desktop computers. That means that if someone comes across your website and you don’t have a tappable phone number you could be losing a lot of business. That’s because you’re forcing the user to memorize a phone number, go to their phone app and type it in. By making your phone number tappable it will increase the number of leads coming in and hopefully increase your bottom line.

2. Have a trackable phone number

If you don’t have a trackable phone number in 2016 then shame on you. Just kidding. But really, you should get one. Getting a trackable phone number means you can record calls, have a “whisper” feature, call analytics and much more. And don’t just stop at one, but get a trackable phone number for every channel of marketing you do for your company so you can easily track effectiveness.

3. Have an instant quote form

If someone isn’t ready to become a phone lead, you better have another option for them. Having a prominent contact form above the fold you will increase the number of leads coming through the door. Have the contact form email you directly (or your office) so you can start following up with that lead right away.

4. Customize the quote form

This is where a lot of businesses and web designers make mistakes on their lead generation websites. They use standard contact form inputs instead of customizing the form based on the needs of the user. If you ask the standard “Name”, “Email”, “Phone Number”, “Comments” then they will are not likely to fill it out. If you customize it for their needs, then they will fill it out.

For example with the tree service website I ask a couple questions that are geared towards solving their problem first. Once a person has selected a few simple options on a form, they’re much more likely to completely fill it out and submit it. These questions are “What do you need done?” (tree trimming, tree removal etc.). “When would you like it done?”, “What’s your address?”.

These questions get to the root of their problem, fast. If you start off with name, email etc. it seems like an email signup block rather than a problem solver.

Also, never put a “Other Comments” box. Make each input have purpose.

5. Use a form to call feature

This one is huge and will increase your closing rate on leads, guaranteed. How it works is when a lead submits your (hopefully optimized) contact form, your phone (or the front desks) starts ringing. The system places a short “whisper” at the beginning of the call to let you know that this lead came from the website. Then you’re put through to the lead.

Huh? What’s actually happening here is the system calls your phone, and when you pick up it then calls the leads phone number submitted on the contact form. To them it’s as if you’re the fastest follow up company in the world. And you kind of will be.  I provide this service and it’s called the Game Changer that enables this feature on a trackable phone number.

6. Have a lot of unique content

This one seems like a no brainer, but only for people who know SEO. As a business owner you may not know that Google will punish your lead generation website in the search results if you have duplicate content on your website.

And even if you think you know you have uniquely written content on your site, it’s best to double check with a tool like Copyscape.

7. Make sure you have optimized images

Google likes details. Although the titles and alt tags of images are not visually displayed on your website, Google still reads them to gain context of the content.

Not only does providing alt tags make your website more accessible to blind people (they use softwares that read the alt tag attribute of images to tell them what’s on the screen) but it makes it more accessible to Google’s spiders when they’re indexing your website. It’s just one variable but it could mean your precious lead generation website will rank higher than those without optimized images.

8. Have location specific pages

If you need to rank in other cities or suburbs then creating location specific pages will help you tremendously. On these pages have unique content about each city and how you can solve the local lead’s problem. Use images that have title tags targeting the city, and embed a Google map of the city on the page.

9. Create shareable content

It’s not enough to have a lead generation website with a bunch of content, images and your phone number everywhere. It’s also to get good social signals to your website so you are trustworthy and authoritative. You should create interesting and shareable content so that links to your website spread around the web. These can be infographics, YouTube videos, or blog posts. It’s true that 74% of consumers rely on social media to influence their decisions so appearing on those signals is great for your brand.

10. Hire an SEO specialist

A lot of the concepts covered in this post have to do with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). So hiring an SEO expert will bring your lead generation website to the next level. If you had a web designer create the website for you and it isn’t performing as expected it’s probably because the website isn’t showing up in search results.

If you need help bringing in more business then get a Local Business Website by Stambaugh Designs. We will create a website that makes you money. Period. Interested? We thought so.

If you need web hosting then be sure to ask us about our Amazon Lightsail hosting.

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