How To Nurture Your Leads With An Automated System

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Increase Your Revenue By Following Up With Leads!

I can't tell you how many times I've had to help clients with their sales process.

From my perspective as the lead generator, there is no point in filling a leaky bucket. If they're not closing leads into sales (for whatever reason) it's just not an ROI for the client.

So here at Stambaugh Designs we decided to deploy a great web application called Contact Smarter with most of our lead generation campaigns.

This way as leads come into the system, they are followed up with - automatically.

By treating each lead that is generated like a *gasp* unique individual then you can increase your closing rates and drive increased revenue and therefore ROI on your lead generation campaign.

How Contact Smarter Works

contact smarter
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Contact Smarter is very simple, yet effective. Basically every time a new lead comes in, the system starts an automation for that lead.

The first message might be a ringless voicemail drop (RVM) which basically means that the leads phone won't ring, but they'll receive a prerecorded message you set up asking when is the best time for a phone consultation.

As an example, the lead might be generated through a Facebook ad.

They filled out a form and became a lead. 5 minutes later (or any time interval you want) Contact Smarter sends them a RVM and as they go back to their phones home screen from Facebook, they would see they have a new voicemail. Once listened to, they will be engaged and to be quite frank probably impressed at the speed at which someone reached out to them regarding their inquiry.

The whole goal here is to move that lead from being a cold form fill to a warm conversation with a real human.

Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen in the first outreach.

It takes on average 7 touches until someone finally decides to respond.

It's kind of ironic, if you ask me. We live in the age of "Instant Gratification" and yet people are so resistant to actually following through with requesting to be contacted by a company. I digress.

Other than RVM you can set up your lead follow up sequence to have automated texts and emails as well.

Here's what the lead communication center looks like within contact smarter:

The Contact Smarter lead communication interface

I've redacted sensitive lead / client information for obvious reasons but at least you can see how everything is laid out.

In the center of the screen is the communications area. Here you can carry on conversation with a single lead or prospect via email or text - I love this feature. This way all your communication is in one location and you're not trying to track down email threads, phone calls or text messages on many different devices or apps.

Speaking of apps, yes there is a Contact Smarter mobile app for both iOS and Android devices. So you can nurture and respond to your leads when you're away from the office as well.

Lead Follow Up Software

I can go on and on about this lead follow up software. It truly does help in increasing sales and profits for my clients. I don't think that follow ups are fit for a human anymore when technology can actually do it better.


Feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions about Contact Smarter, or if you're in need of lead generation yourself. We include this standard with most of our campaigns and we would love to work with you to help grow your business! 

As always thanks for reading, and Good Day, and Good Design! 

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