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Monthly Local Plumbing Lead Generation

Who: EPS Hawaii, plumbing company on Oahu.

What: EPS Hawaii needed online lead generation to supplement their Google Adwords PPC and organic SEO efforts.

How: We’ve gotten really good, and I mean really good at doing online lead generation for local businesses. Our strategy is a combination of many tactics that allow us to capture traffic directly from people searching online for a local service. We use trackable phone numbers to track all of our lead generation sources so we’ll able to see exact ROI for our clients. We have been working with EPS Hawaii for over 18 months as of writing this case study, and due to our lead generation EPS Hawaii has been able to expand their plumbing business tremendously. They keep hiring new plumbers, so we are now setting up lead generation in communities all over Oahu to keep them busy!

The Numbers: Flat rate of $850/mo for lead generation. A snapshot of January (a slow month) shows 40 calls generated, 23 were leads and 16 paying customers totalling over $8,000 in revenue for EPS Hawaii. Our Hawaii plumbing client is easily 10x-15x their initial investment, each and every month. Talk about return on investment!

If you’re a local business, we can help you! We pride ourselves on our unique, but powerful lead generation system. We have helped so many businesses generate leads all across the United States and grow their business to new heights!

If you’re interested in having a free, no obligation discovery call, please email us or give us a ring:

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