Things to Do in Bellingham, WA

Somewhere close to the Canadian border Bellingham; a place that is way much more than just a city, but rather the perfect representation of what the entire region has got to offer. Being just a stone-throw away from North-Cascades National Park and having the easiest access to the spectacular islands of San Juan, getting recreational opportunities in this gem is a walk in the park. Below are some of the most fun things to do while in Bellingham, WA. This city features a delicious beer scene, beautiful outdoors and a prosperous downtown arts center; it definitely has something for everybody looking to have unsubdued fun.

Fairhaven Historic District

Fairhaven sprouted into life in 1889 given its seaport location and the booming impact of the neighboring logging industry. after twenty years of serious growth, it joined three other equally well-established towns and they all formed today’s Bellingham city. to date, the streets in this historic district feature bustling sidewalks, beautiful views and brick-red Victorian style architecture giving it an old-school vibe and modern charm all in perfect combination. The amazing dining and shopping attractions all go towards spicing up the experience in Bellingham.

SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention

Anyone who is big on innovation will definitely appreciate this place, which was formerly known to most as the Museum of Radio and Electricity. This museum features some of the greatest innovations that have undoubtedly shaped the advanced modern world in which we live today. It is a highly-interactive and family-friendly space that presents visitors with the unique opportunity to go over 40 years’ worth of history on the electricity milestones that have been achieved over the years. You will be wowed as you watch the transformation from the Invention of Electricity right to the radio era/ the golden age unfolds before your eyes. Be sure to explore the various attractions and ask all the questions that you might have along the way.

Whatcom Falls Park

This 240-acre park lies on Bellingham’s eastern edge and it features all the modern amenities and facilities you would expect in a park. The most stunning part of the park are the waterfalls that are formed as Whatcom Creek meanders through the area. There are nature trails that expose these waterfalls quite clearly, giving the most scenic of views. Just close to the park’s parking lot is a stone bridge that provides an awesome viewpoint that you cannot possible miss out on especially of you love photos.

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